If Only

I was at home, depressed, angry, unwilling to socialize, I just wanted to ignore all, and then I remembered seeing a movie, whose title is "If Only", at the beginning looked like a normal movie, a typical romance film (it was a typical romance), the fact is that moved me greatly, by the way. I'm already Weeping, and depressed as I was, say not a lot better, just a little, because I cried myself to say enough, well, it was over until the bell rings and I have to rebuild, yes, I went to open the door wrapped in a blanket, all red from crying, handkerchief in hand, oh my god, what a shamejust after closing the door that I realized the sad figure that I had done, so bad .. .Well, this is what happened, but see the movie, it's very romantic and cute, I liked .. . Kiss ^.<

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