What does it mean your room for you?

Português - Que significado tem o teu Quarto para ti?
Deutsch - Was bedeutet es, Ihr Zimmer für Sie?
عربية -- ماذا يعني لك غرفتك؟

中国 - 什么是你的空间的意思
Espanhol - Que significado tem o teu Quarto para ti?
Français - Que signifie votre chambre pour vous?
Ελληνικό - Τι σημαίνει το δωμάτιό σας για σας;
Nederlands - Wat betekent het je kamer voor u?
Italiano - Cosa significa per voi la vostra camera?
日本 - それはあなたのためのお部屋どういう意味ですか?

Norsk - Hva betyr det rommet ditt for deg?
Руссо - Что значит номер для вас?

 I've been doing a project in school, and the theme is "The Room" and I wonder what that means for you to your room, so I could present different ideas from different people, which would greatly help me to develop something because this project is also making a logbook of a room, where I'll put pictures, drawings, poems, confidences, advice, etc.

Can you help me? PLEASE.. .

Thank you, Kiss ^.<

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Anônimo disse...

My room, for me is where I can be alone without anyone bothering me, is where I weep, sing, smile and I regret to make certain things. It is also where I keep my secrets. My room has so much meaning for me.

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